Li Dazhao in the Beiyang School of Law and Politics


Updated: 2021-01-20


Li Dazhao, one of the earliest disseminators of Marxism in China, is considered a pioneer of China's Communist movement, a great Marxist and an outstanding proletarian revolutionary, making significant contributions to the CPC and the Chinese people.

In 1907, when he was 18 years old, Li applied to the Beiyang School of Law and Politics in Tianjin (now located on No. 33, Zhicheng Road, Hebei district) to rescue China from subjugation by studying politics and seeking out good policies. He spent the following six years there, during which time he actively participated in patriotic movements, translated books and wrote articles to promote anti-colonialism and national resurgence.

His experience studying in Tianjin and exploring ways to save the country and the people were crucial parts of his journey to becoming a Marxist.

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