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State Level Dongli Eco-Tech Development Area


Updated: 2020-06-30


Dongli Eco-Tech Development Area  (DEDA) is a national economic and technological development area and a national independent innovation demonstration area. 

Founded in 1992 with a total planned area of 40 square kilometers, it has formed four leading industries including new generation of automobiles, medical and health care, new energy and new materials, and inspection and testing after years of development. 

The location is unique. It is bounded by the urban area of Tianjin in the west, the core area of Binhai New District in the east, the National Convention and Exhibition Center and Haihe Education Park in the south, Binhai Interantional Airport in the north,as well as between Haihe Ecological Economic Zone and Tianjin-Tanggu Highway Industrial Zone.

The core area has a planned area of 10.78 square kilometers and is located in the "golden corridor" between the Tianjin urban area and Binhai New District. It is adjacent to the Binhai New District in the east, Haihe Education Park in the south, the central urban area of Tianjin in the west and the air economic zone in the north. 

About 2,300 top 500 enterprises in the world such as Toyota in Japan and Ria in the United States, as well as some central enterprises and private leading enterprises such as China Automotive Technology Research Center, China Nuclear Corp., Jinqiao Corp., Chunfa Corp., Rip Bio, etc. have settled in. 

A total of 134 foreign-invested enterprises and 2,115 private enterprises have moved in. Combined with the secondary upgrading of the economic development zone, it will build a modern service industry with high-end talents and intensive scientific and technological resources and a gathering area for scientific and technological innovation platforms.

Historical Evolution

June 1992

Dongli Economic Development Aera was established with a planned area of 10.78 square kilometers.

April 2012

Dongli Economic Development Aera was Identified as a municipal high-tech zone and listed under Haihe high-tech zone

July 2012

Tianjin Technology and Finance Demonstration Zone

December 2012

Tianjin Service Outsourcing Experimental Zone

January 2013

Service Center for Academicians and Experts February 2014

It was upgraded to a National Economic and Technological Development Zone.

February 2015

Sub-zone of National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone

February 2016

National Public Inspection and Testing Certification Service Platform Demonstration Zone

In January 2020, the reform of "Many Zones in One District" was implemented. DEDA was upgraded and expanded to 40 square kilometers for the second time.

Key industries to be developed


New generation of automobiles

DEDA has gathered nearly 50 auto parts manufacturing and technology research and development enterprises led by China Automotive Technology Research Center with an industrial scale of nearly 10 billion yuan. It seizes the opportunity of the "new four modernizations" of automobiles, takes pure electric drive and hydrogen energy drive as the strategic development direction, focuses on the integration of intelligent Internet-connected automobile systems and the core parts of new energy automobiles, and strives to build a new generation of automobile industry gathering area. The 5.35 km driverless open test road in DEDA has achieved full coverage of 5G networks.

The World Intelligent Driving Challenge is the only international comprehensive competition held in China covering real roads, virtual tests and information security. It provides a good platform for cross-industry and cross-regional cooperation of intelligent network automobile enterprises in industrial innovation and cooperation. DEDA adheres to the overall orientation of internationalization and the high starting point and has undertaken the World Intelligent Driving Challenge for 4 consecutive years.

New energy and new materials

DEDA has gathered large-scale production enterprises of advanced steel materials and welding materials represented by Xintiangang Group and Jinqiao Welding Materials, research and development enterprises of advanced new materials such as high-temperature alloy materials and graphene-based on China Aviation Industry Research Institute, as well as has established Jinqiao Button Welding Technology Research Institute, which has a solid industrial foundation and research and development capability and has formed a good trend of new materials industry agglomeration and development.

Medical and health care

Several domestic and foreign innovative leading enterprises and industry organizations such as CNNC, Suzhou Institute of Medical Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China National Pharmaceutical Group, Tianjin Life Science and Medical Device Industry Technology Alliance have successively settled in DEDA, which has enabled DEDA to enter a new stage of high-end medical equipment, in-vitro diagnosis, vaccine research and development, pharmaceutical enterprise settlement centers and other sub-fields of grouping and clustering development.

Inspection and testing

Tianjin Institute of Engineering and Technology, Suzhou Institute of Medical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hydrogen Energy Industry

Guided by the New Energy Vehicle Testing Center Project of China Automotive Industry Center, the hydrogen energy industrial zone is planned and constructed in Wuxia Area. CNAC's New Energy Vehicle Testing Center will be built into a research and development verification and regulatory testing base with the most completed and largest testing capability in the field of fuel cell vehicles in China. It will vigorously promote the establishment of relevant standards and testing methods for fuel cell vehicle products in China and is of great significance to the development of fuel cell vehicle products and technologies in China.


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