4th World Intelligence Congress

4th WIC to take place online


Updated: 2020-06-19


Established in 2017, the annual top-level hi-tech gala provides a platform for big names in global intelligence, science and technology industries to promote academic exchanges, demonstrate their latest innovation and deepen cooperation. This year, because of the pandemic, the WIC will be held online, focusing on the new era, new philosophies of life, and new opportunities available in intelligence, science and technology.

The intelligence industry has been vital in facilitating both industrial production and daily life during the outbreak, including AI for temperature taking and recognition, machine translation in customs, health QR codes, and apps for the resumption of work and production.

Intelligence will place an emphasis on life in the new era. During the pandemic, the lives of average people and companies have been dramatically transformed through digitalization, with shopping, signing ceremonies, taxation, medical care, and education, to name just a few, now being done online. Intelligence is no longer a distant or futuristic concept in daily life — it is changing the way we live every moment.

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