4th World Intelligence Congress

Online media promotion of the 4th World Intelligence Congress initiated


Updated: 2020-06-16

The 4th World Intelligence Congress (WIC) will take place online in Tianjin from June 23 to 24. On June 15, the online media promotion of the 4th WIC was launched in the Command Center of Big Data, a part of the Cyberspace Administration of Tianjin. The Sina Tianjin Intelligent Channel came online on the same day to heat up the promotion.

In order to impress viewers with its “world intelligence” and win a reputation as an “intelligent port”, Tianjin is well prepared for the WIC and its promotion. The Cyberspace Administration of Tianjin has built intelligent promotion devices, such as an online platform and an interview studio. A huge promotion matrix of nearly 50 media outlets, mainly composed of central news agencies, major commercial websites and local media, has been established. In addition, for the first time in China, Tianjin has integrated 25 national live-broadcast platforms to form a live-broadcast matrix. Featuring Facebook, Twitter and other overseas platforms as well as media websites like Xinhuanet, Huanqiu, CRI Online and China Daily, an international communication matrix will also come into service. The WIC promotes both mobile and PC communication, making full use of big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other techs. The congress will be broadcasted and promoted in Weibo, WeChat, and other platforms through pictures, H5, short videos and live streaming.

The Sina Intelligent Channel, also launched on June 15, will cover the WIC online by various means, including text, pictures and live streaming. It will provide multi-dimensional and 24-hour coverage of the event to create a “never ending” WIC. The channel is also a data reservoir, where any materials of each WIC can be retained and used for reference. It will also function as a dynamic reporting platform of the WIC providing news on cutting-edge technology and hosting intelligence enthusiasts. Through this channel intelligent technology is sure to enter more people’s lives.

At the meeting, Wang Yun, director of the Cyberspace Administration of Tianjin, presented banners to online media representatives.  


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