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Binhai facilitates enterprises' efforts to develop AI


Updated: 2020-06-10

To advance the development of artificial intelligence, the government of Tianjin Binhai New Area recently opened a communication and exchange conference, which was attended by over 30 leading enterprises.

The meeting aimed to strengthen resource-sharing and cooperation between leading companies and projects in the AI industry, so that the emerging sector can be developed robustly in Binhai.

At the meeting, the Binhai district-level local government introduced 21 favorable measures promulgated by Tianjin municipal government to facilitate companies’ development.

At the meeting, large, hi-tech companies such as iFlytek, Lenovo Cloud, SIASUN Robot & Automation and Huawei Technologies all discussed the need for cooperation.

In addition, the representatives have also visited the iFlytek’s AI experience center in Tianjin, where they were amazed by the robots and by the intelligence of a translator that enables real-time text and audio translation.

The AI industry in Binhai has developed rapidly in recent years, forming a whole industry chain. Enterprises involved in AI application, software research and hardware have cooperated with each other, creating a "strategic depth" for regional development.

 According to the local government, further talents, investment and policy support will be provided to fuel the high-quality development of the AI industry in Binhai.

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