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“New infrastructure” projects start in Tianjin


Updated: 2020-06-09

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Speeding up the construction of new infrastructure is a strategic support for improving innovation-driven methods and procedures and cultivating new momentum for economic development. On June 5, Binhai New Area introduced its first “new infrastructure” projects of 2020. The 14 key projects with a total investment of 13.9 billion yuan($1.96 billion) cover information infrastructure, converged infrastructure and innovation infrastructure and involve 5G networks, artificial intelligence, intelligentization of Binhai, smart transportation and industrial interconnection and innovation. Those projects featuring large-scale investment and high-end technology will provide strong support for advanced development in Binhai New Area.

"New infrastructure" built for new driving force

The "New infrastructure", exemplified by 5G, artificial intelligence and the industrial Internet, will inject new impetus into companies of various sectors and promote digital transformation and upgrading of various industries. Consequently the New Area will promote the interconnection of high-end industries and upgrade traditional facilities. This will strengthen the New Area’s digital economic growth, expand the scale of the new industries and create new advantages for regional development.

Among these new infrastructure projects, the Tencent IDC data center, to be located in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Area, has attracted a lot of attention.

The center will be one of eight major Tencent data centers in China, a cloud service platform and a pivotal hub for national cloud computing. It will fully support all Tencent businesses in North China, and be relevant to all Internet users across the country by providing integrated cloud services for third-party enterprises. 

Intelligence and smartness make life better

As an important part of the "new infrastructure", artificial intelligence will play a great role in improving people's daily lives. Smart cities, education, and improved medical care in particular will better people's lives.

Among these new infrastructure projects, many are closely related to people's livelihoods, such as the Intelligent Jijing Fengge Community. This project is to be constructed in the eco-city by Keppel Land. It will formulate guidelines for intelligent community construction, and, to meet the demands of citizens, integrate intelligent urban brains, community management service platforms and social resources services. Thirty applications will be implemented, to include more than 50 functions. Together they will realize intelligent neighborhood autonomy, smart health services, intelligent security environment and smart harmonious ecology.

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