Fishing in Beitang


Updated: 2019-07-10


Beitang Fishing Boat

Located in Binhai New Area of Tianjin, Beitang is where the Ji Canal, Yongding New River and Chaobai New River meet, which bring rich aquatic resources, including fish, shrimp, crabs, shellfish and dozens of other species.

With its unique natural environment and abundant fishery resources, Beitang is reputed as the "golden state and jade belt".

Naturally, fishing with the Beitang fishing-boats and fishermen has become one of the known characteristics of the place.

In the morning, the fishermen of Beitang take tourists out to sea for two and a half hours for fishing.

There they catch fish, shrimp, oysters, whelks, crabs, and other sea creatyres. The fishermen then cook what they have caught and allow the visitors to get a taste of the the freshest and most tasty fish and crabs in Beitang.

The feeling of sitting on a fishing boat, walking beside the sea, and eating seafood caught by hand is perfect for a summer visit.


Freshly-cooked Beitang Seafood

Address: Beitang Hongxing fishery,No. 1019,Donghai road, Binhai New Area

Tel: (+86)022-27698688

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