Huang-yaguan Great Wall


Updated: 2019-07-10


Located at Dongshan, 30 kilometers from the northernmost tip of the Jizhou district, the Huang-yaguan Great Wall is the main pass and passageway between the district and Hebei province.

Huang-yaguan features distinctive architecture. The streets within the pass are designed according to concepts of Bagua, a Taoist cosmology representing the fundamental principles of reality, and are easy to walk into but hard to get out, like a maze.

Outside the pass is a famous round hollow structure, the Phoenix Tower. The Huang-yaguan Great Wall tourist area offers visitors three wonders called the "Huanya After Glow" , the "Two Dragons Play with a Pearl" and the "Sea of Clouds and Mist-covered Waters" , which feature precipitous elements of grandness, elegance and antiquity.

Increasingly visitors are attracted to the Huang-yaguan Great Wall since China's first Great Wall museum is now established here. It is based at the Central Admiral's Office on Bagua Street. The Baxian Lake Water Park has been built on the lake on the east of the Huangya Pass.


The annual Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon attracts many foreign friends.

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