Tianjin Polar Ocean World


Updated: 2019-07-08


Tianjin Polar Ocean World is the largest single polar aquarium in China with a building area of 47,000 square meters. Its shape adopts the international advanced hyperbolic design, which resembles a swimming whale and it also has the largest undersea tunnel in China.

Tianjin Polar Ocean World consists of eight tourist areas exhibiting polar animals, beluga, whale shark, coral, jellyfish, and also has a channel tunnel, children interactive area and the ocean joy theater.

It has introduced more than 200 species of marine animals from around the world, including the world's rarest polar bears, arctic foxes, arctic wolves and beluga whales, false killer whales, emperor penguins, sea lions, seals and more.


In addition, visitors also have chances to get intimate interaction with these animals, such as by touching various marine animals, shaking hands with dolphins, feeding the beluga and much more.

There are also eye-catching, colorful corals, presenting a wonderful and magnificent coral world.  

To facilitate visitors' knowledge about sea life, a 30-meter-long pool is provided for victors to observe the living conditions of microorganisms with microscopes while listening to detailed scientific knowledge by staff nearby.

It is a large scale open tourism project with the theme of the ocean and with the investment of the Dalian Haichang Group in Tianjin.


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