Tianjin Art Museum

Updated: 2019-05-27


Tianjin Art Museum is a comprehensive fine arts museum that collects, studies, promotes, and displays artistic works of primarily near-modern and contemporary artists. It is also dedicated to promoting aesthetic education and international cultural exchanges. 

The Museum covers a total construction area of 28,065 square meters, with 5 stories of 29.70 meters in height. The project has an approved investment quota of 430 million yuan. It is known for the two-storey showroom of 1,800 square meters in size and 8 meters in height, which is currently the largest showroom by size in China. The Museum, with references to the design features of domestic and global museums, has integrated many elements to meet exhibition demands of different sizes and themes in terms of functionality and space thanks to its resourcefulness and adaptation capacity. The lake-side location of the Museum is a reflection of the water elements that are imbedded in the culture of the city. There is a perfect integration of indoor and outdoor elements, graceful transition from the natural space to the artistic space, as we can see from the over-water platform by the lake-side, the outdoor sculpture square, and the public space on the first floor. 


As a leading museum among its Chinese peers, the Tianjin Art Museum displays the most top-notch art works of Chinese traditional paintings, oil paintings, sculptures and wood cuts, and has the capacity of hosting multiple high-level domestic and global fine arts exhibitions simultaneously. 

The Museum serves as a platform showcasing the works for the artists, and also as a window spreading high arts culture and demonstrating the city's art tastes. As a base for aesthetic education, it sets to meet the purpose of public services to a great extend. While keeping the functionality of exhibition, the showrooms are supported by facilities such as lecture rooms, seminar rooms, library of fines arts, work studios, painting mounting and repairing rooms, oil painting repairing room, and the VIP reception rooms. A complete set of functions enhances its roles to promote arts and art creation. In addition, the Tianjin Art Museum also has one of the largest open service areas, at a size of 7000 square meters, among all the domestic museums. 


Masai by Mohamedi Saidi Cihlamboni collected by Tianjin Art Museum 

On the fourth floor, the permanent exhibitions show the works mostly in closed cabinets. There are displayed the representative works of renowned artists, including those born in Tianjin, and the local folk art works. 

The Museum is also equipped with portable boards and walls that enable flexible special arrangements for different exhibition needs. The showrooms also have state-of-the-art facilities, including the centralized air conditioning system, constant temperature and humidity system, centralized monitoring system, modern lighting system, fire alarm system, and a 24-hour security alarm system. A modern painting storehouse is installed with the latest information and digital management systems meeting world-leading standards both in terms of infrastructure and facilities. 


A Musician of Tibet, oil painting, collected by Tianjin Art Museum

The Museum is also supported by special-purpose service facilities, such as lifts, passages, and washrooms for the disabled visitors on each floor, and touch-screen search software at the entrances. Additionally, the bookstores, shops, gallery, tea house, and cafes contribute to giving the visitors a pleasant experience. 

The Tianjin Art Museum is also dedicated to enhancing its role of public education and providing good quality public services so as to meet the cultural needs of the people. The Museum upholds the vision of art resource sharing, through hosting art activities and free lectures, bringing arts closer to people's lives, and sharing the best art and cultural achievements with the general public. We at the Tianjin Art Museum strive to build a collection center of modern arts, a research institute, an exhibition host, a fine arts education center, and a data and information center in Tianjin. 

Address: No. 60 Pingjiang Road, Hexi District 

Telephone: (+86)022-83883300 

Opening times: 9:00-16:30 from Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Monday)

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