The Triumph Kingdom


Updated: 2019-05-22


Founded in the 1990s, the Triumph Kingdom was once famous as "Small World in Yang Village", which is adjacent to the Wuqing Development Zone of Tianjin in the north and the Beijing-Tianjin intercity high-speed railway Wuqing station in the south, and located in the center of the business circle of Beijing and Tianjin.The overall plan covers an area of about 1,300 mu, including 460 mu of large amusement parks and 800 mu of indoor water parks. It will be developed into a large comprehensive tourism, leisure and entertainment base with large scale facilities and high service levels in two stages.

The most famous of the Triumph Kingdom areas are the large-scale outdoor recreation sectors, the global acrobatics and indoor hydrophilic amusement facilities. These include seven theme parks, named Triumph Square, Passion Playground, Venturing into Somalia, Crossing I nfinit y, Adventure, Space Base and Tongyuehui, as well as five water project themed pavilions: the Water Sports Hall, the Water Excitement Amusement Hall, the Water Surfer Hall, the Children’s Water Amusement Hall and the Tropical Rain Forest Recreation Hall.There are 16 magnificent flying apsaras in Triumph Square and numerous triumphal shops, ethnic cultural malls and fantasy malls on Triumph Avenue.The exciting amusement park is equipped with a U-shape disco, Hurricane Transit, Crazy Circus, Thunder Rock and other large amusement facilities mainly featuring gyro movement. There is also a unique U - shaped roller coaster built by top designers from the Swiss company Intamin.The hydrophilic facilities such as a waterspout and a tsunami are also among the world's best.

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