Tianjin Fantawild Adventure


Updated: 2019-05-22


Tianjin Fantawild Adventure is located in the Sino-Singapore eco-city of Tianjin Binhai New Area, which is the unique fourth-generation high-tech theme park in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. With science fiction themes and interactive experiences as its biggest feature, most of the projects represent the top level in current global theme park projects. The area enjoys the reputation of being an "Oriental Fantasy Park" and "Asian Science Fiction Magic".

Tianjin Fantawild Adventure is made up of 27 themed items, such as the Sky Sailor, a magic castle, the Bears' Adventure, Blue Earth, Oriental Charm, Conch Bay, Tanggula Snow Mountain, Jinmen Grand Canyon and many others, which are all ex tremely interesting and suitable for people of all ages. With a huge semi-spherical screen, smart suspension seats and huge movie images, the Sky Sailor gives visitors an unprecedented real feeling of flying through the sky.The magic castle, a large-scale DARK RIDE performance project, creates an incredible magic w orld with multiple means of expression, such as a track ing three-dimensional film, virtual and real combination technology, magic and magic per formances.The Bears’ Adventure is a shooting gallery with a cartoon touring car and colorful but strange scenes. The world's top hanging roller coaster "Fireball" is also on site. China's original large-scale snow mountain adventure simulation project "Tanggula Snow Mountain", together with the colorful, dreamlike 4D theater projec t "Conch Bay" and other large-scale high-tech exhibitions and magical interactive scenes are some of the rides that constitute this fantasy park.

Address: Zhongsheng Avenue, Sino-Singapore Eco-city, Binhai New Area. 

Tel: (+86)022-31279941

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