Jingwu Men·China Wulin Park


Updated: 2019-05-22


Jingwu Men - China Wulin Park is a key project of the Tianjin cultural tourism industry and the World Jingwu Cultural Center and is designed to integrate martial arts, cultural exchanges, tourism, patriotism and education and film bases at home and abroad. As a comprehensive characteristic cultural tourism area with martial arts as its main focus, it integrates the collec tion of folk customs, culture, mar tial arts drills, catering, accommodation, health therapy, fitness, entertainment and leisure as a whole. Now it is the national 4A scenic spot and a Tianjin patriotic education base.

In 2010, in order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of the famous patriotic martial artist Huo Yu anjia and the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinwoo, the Jingwu Men - China Wulin Park was built in Xiaonanhe village, Jingwu town, Xiqing District, Tianjin. Jingwu Men - China Wulin Park is planned to cover an area of 4,500 mu and includes many areas: the Jingwu theme group, the Jingwu folk culture group, the Jingwu headquar ters group, the Jingwu research education group, the Jingwu holiday group and an eco-living group.The memorial hall is a three-storeyed building for Tai Chi and socialising which comprehensively and systematically showcases the legendary life of Huo Yu anjia and the process of the establishment and development of the world’s martial arts associations.The mausoleum was expanded on the original site, now including the Guanwu Pavilion, a square, the mountain gate, the main hall, Stele pavilion, Shendao, an arch and others. According to the Han Dynasty style "forest" system standard construction,the architec tural design took Chinese traditional culture as its background to deeply express the people's love for this national hero.

In 1992, 2010 and 2012, “ The Jingwu Martial Arts Cultural Exchange Conference” and “The Huo Yuanjia Centennial Hero Conference” were organized by the Jingwu Men•China Wulin Par k . I n addition, it also successfully held the "Snow Night" beer fe stival, "the Fi rst Martial Arts Ice and Snow Carnival", "the First Light Aircraft Low-flying Carnival in Tianjin, China", the great Russian circus performance and other activities. It can be seen that the domestic and international influence of the Jingwu Men•China Wulin Park is increasing.

Address: Xiaonanhe village, Jingwu town, Xiqing District . 

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