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Business Environment

Updated: 2019-04-29

To meet the requirements of high-quality development, Tianjin strives to create an excellent business environment. In 2017, Tianjin Municipality promulgated the "Provisions on Establishing a Good Environment for Entrepreneurship", with a view to creating an excellent business environment through the following measures: protecting entrepreneurs' property rights and autonomous management rights in accordance with the law, improving the mechanism to protect entrepreneurs' rights and interests, and establishing a unified service platform in the city for corporate rights protection; promoting fair competition and honest operations, and facilitating the construction of credit platforms for market entities and individuals; encouraging entrepreneurship, improving incentive mechanism, establishing an honor system for entrepreneurs, and increasing the portion of income distribution through dividends, stock options, etc.; promoting outstanding entrepreneurship, and creating more excellent products; improving services to entrepreneurs, implementing service mechanisms involving first-inquiry liability, first-commission liability, single-window handling, and comprehensive acceptance; nurturing outstanding entrepreneurs, actively promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, sincerely respecting entrepreneurs, offering services to the development of enterprises, and striving to build Tianjin into a fertile ground for entrepreneurs.

Tianjin will continue to emphasize both "bringing in" and "going out" (especially overseas investment, foreign trade, foreign economics, outsourcing, and talent introduction), and implement a more proactive open strategy, so as to break new grounds for business operation at higher levels, with better environments and greater radiation impacts.

According to a recent survey targeting private companies, Tianjin has risen to No 4 among Chinese cities in terms of its business environment. The survey benchmarked some index made by the World Bank and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce to assess the business environment. In 2018, China's business environment ranked 46th in the world, a significant increase of 32 places over last year according to World Bank. It marks the achievements China has made in improving the business environment, and lifting market restrictions. 

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