Choose your own way for traveling in Tianjin


Updated: 2019-04-23



If you want to call a car, you can choose a taxi or a car online. The starting price of taxis in Tianjin is currently 9 yuan for journeys within 3 kilometers. Ouside3 kilometers, the price per kilometer is 1.7 yuan, and the price outside 10 kilometers is 2.55 yuan/km. 



Nowadays, many people use Didi to travel. Its advantage lies in being on call and this saves waiting time. So, how should Didi be accessed? Didi has its own app and is also a third-party service in Alipay and WeChat. If you want to open Didi in Alipay, you need to open Alipay and click "More" to find "Didi" . In the WeChat program, click "Me" at the bottom and then click "Wallet" button to enter the wallet and find "Didi" in the third-party service to open the application. In addition to express car, you can also choose a taxi, substitute driving, a special car in Didi. The difference between a special car and an express car lies in that the models of the two are different. The special car has a more luxurious car model and a better ride experience, and naturally the charge is higher than that of the express car. For drivers, all of them start with the express car and can be upgraded to a special car when a certain quantity of orders are completed and the car meets the requirements of the special car. If you click on “Taxi” , the car you call is a taxi and it is priced with a meter.



CaoCao is the Internet plus new energy travel service platform of Geely Group' s strategic investment. It is committed to becoming the first private car brand to establish a new energy vehicle travel service standard in the field of "Internet Plus Travel" . It integrates services such as new energy car travel and the time-sharing lease of new energy cars, providing users with a safe and convenientone-stop travel solution with low-carbon emissions and high-quality. New energy cars pick up passengers on time, with professional drivers and dynamic pricing, which are very highly cost effective. Download the CaoCao app and you can enjoy the ultra-low discount when you register and recharge.

Shared Bike 

Shar ed Bik e is a mor e autonomous, healthier and environmentally friendly way to travel. At present, the main platforms for shared bikes in Tianjin include Mobike, OFO and Hellobike among others. Users can access them through Alipay, APP and other platforms. At the same time, the major shared bike platforms are now offering more monthly cards and various preferential policies to bring more benefits.

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