St Joseph's Cathedral Church


Updated: 2018-07-05



The St Joseph's Cathedral Church sits on the Dushan Road, Binjiang Avenue, Heping District. It faces northeast. The church, with a construction area of 1891.95 square meters, was built under supervision of French priest Paul-Marie Dumond (1864-1944). It can host an assembly of up to 1500 people. The church has an overall cross-shape layout. 

The St Joseph's Cathedral Church, in its architectural plane, is in a cross-shape. Three large domes as high as 45 meters form a structure as the Chinese character of “品”. The domes, all extracted a bit upwards, are covered in green copper plates and supported by wooden structures. Each dome has a bronze cross on its top.

The church is a historical and cultural relic site under government protection and a historic building warranting special protection. It is the largest Roman building in Tianjin and the cathedral in the city (though it does not host a bishop). 

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