Railway Stations

Updated: 2018-06-29

There are four railway stations in Tianjin, namely Tianjin East Station (Tianjin Station), Tianjin West Station, Tianjin South Station and Tianjin North Station. Beijing-Tianjin intercity train stops at Tianjin Station, while Tianjin West Station and Tianjin South Station are midway stations of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway.

1. Tianjin North Railway Station

Tianjin North Railway Station was built in 1903, on Zhongshan Rd, in Hebei district of Tianjin. It sits at the intersection of the Jinpu and Jingshan lines and is the starting point of the Jinpu line. Subway lines 3, 6, and Z2 run through the North Railway Station.

Construction work on the North Railway Station and a flyover have preserved the style of the early years of the Chinese Republic and, in recent years, the area has been an ideal location for modern movies and TV dramas, with Andy Lau, Jet Li, and many other celebrities having appeared here in films.

Address: Zhongshan Road, Hongqiao district, Tianjin

Phone: (booking) +86-22-60536053, +86-22-26181162

2. Tianjin West Railway Station

Tianjin West Railway Station is an important hub, connecting northern, northeastern and eastern China. The station dates back to August 1909. In Feb 2009, it started its expansion and refurbishing project in accordance with modern, world-class train station standards, in order to accommodate larger numbers of passengers. The refurbishing work completed in 2011.

The new West Railway Station covers a 680,000-square-meter area, with a platform that is 126 meters long. The main station building has two floors aboveground and three underground. The first basement level is the station hall, with the east and west sides serving as taxi stops. The halls for lines 1, 4, and 6 are on the southeast side of the first basement.

Tianjin West is an integrated hub that combines rail, rail transit, bus, and other modes of transportation while making full use of its belowground space, providing a three-dimensional transfer system.

Address: 87 Xima Road, Beiying Gate, Tianjin ( Hongqiao district and Dafeng Bridge are 200 meters to the north)

Phone: +86-22-26189803 

3. Tianjin South Railway Station

Tianjin South Railway Station is located between the Jinjin highway (which crosses Zhangjiawo, in the Xiqing district) and the Jin Cang highway, and is an intermediate station on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway line. It opened on June 30, 2011. The planned Bohai intercity railway will be connected to the station.

Metro line 3 and line 8 of Tianjin and the high-speed railway are all nearby.

Address: Zhangjiawo, Xiqing district, Tianjin

Telephone: +86-22-95105105

4. Tianjin Railway Station (Tianjin East Railway Station)

Tianjin railway station is located on the north side of Haihe River and at the junction of Hebei district and Hedong district. It was built in 1888 (Qing Dynasty) and is the most important railway portal of Tianjin. Tianjin railway station has the largest passenger flows among the four railway stations of Tianjin and it is the second largest station among the four stations in terms of its size.

Address: No 1, Xinwei Road, Hebei district,Tianjin

Telephone: +86-22-95105105 (booking)

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