Shota Muni Sushi & Grill

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Updated: 2018-06-29

Joy City, a big shopping mall brand that just opened its first outlet in Tianjin, is being accompanied by several restaurants that are always partners with Joy City properties and are also settling down in Tianjin. Unlike ordinary newly opened restaurants that have to experience a quiet period in the market, these restaurants were immediately full of diners since its opening. Their fame had already spread to Tianjin from Beijing as a result of their partnerships. Shota Muni Sushi & Grill (将太无二)is one of them.

As I didn't book a seat in advance, I waited 40 minutes for a table for two on a Saturday evening. So I got the chance to preview the menu. Although it has a very Japanese name, it is actually established by a Beijinger who started this business in Vancouver, Canada. I have heard a lot of good comments about their big sushi rolls and they definitely sounded like something I simply must try.

Among the chef selected sushi rolls, the ingredients are incredibly diverse. Besides salmon, crab meat and caviar, there are avocados, aloe vera, flowers and vegetables that all get rolled up. I ordered CBD Roll (sweet potato tempura, avocado with eel tempura and crab roe on top), Norwegian Sea (deep-sea salmon roe and black crab roe) and the Beautiful Vancouver Roll (crabmeat, avocado, cucumber with Japanese Mayo, smoked salmon & Tobiko on top). The first two have ingredients of stronger flavor and the sauce is used lavishly. There was a contrast of flavors in your mouth, so you need to feel about each carefully. The Vancouver Roll was a big amazement because it complied with Japanese food styles better with its freshness and a distinct flavor of the ocean. It tastes even better with Japanese soybean sauce.

Although it is a restaurant with a fusion style, it can delight a wide range of people. The portions are more generous than most restaurants and the menu is very diverse. Sashimi and hotpot are also good choices. It's easy to see that this restaurant has earned its popularity.

Beautiful Vancouver Roll

CBD Roll

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