Tourism industry


Updated: 2018-05-21

Tianjin boasts plentiful natural resources and humanistic resources which reflect modern history and civilization. The city perfectly integrates the modern with the ancient, the east with the west. Tianjin was rated as one of the outstanding tourist cities in China by the National Tourism Administration in 1999.

Tianjin has built 6 tourist brands with special features, including Cultural Tour -Understanding Modern China through Tianjin, Metropolitan Tour, Tour along the Haihe River, Leisure Tour in Binhai New Area, Tour in the Suburbs, and China Tourism Industry Expo, so as to develop itself into an influential tourism city and international tourist destination.

In recent years, Tianjin has been focusing on the all-region tourism strategy, which takes an entire region as a tourist destination, and actively promoting the coordinated development of tourism in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. It is committed to facilitating the tourism and cultural cooperation among the countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, developing more leisure tourism products such as rural home-stay, agricultural tourism, industrial tourism, red tourism (visits to historical sites with a revolutionary legacy), sports tourism, and offering high-quality and diversified products for tourists.

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