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Updated: 2018-03-13

Tianjin Wanda International Cinema

Tianjin Wanda International Cinema was designed in accordance with international standards. Its cinema halls are equipped with the projector of Cinemeccanica from Italy, a Harkness wall screen from UK, Schneider high definition, projection lenses from Germany, the Dolby-CP650 digital decoder, a QSC professional amplifier and the DTS digital stereo processor from the United Sates and a special loudspeaker exclusively used in Martin Cinema in the United Kingdom. The complex guarantees a quality audio-visual experience.

Golden Street Branch: 2F, Building E, Wanda Business Square, No.168, Heping Road, Heping District (+86-22-27226619)

Hedong Branch: 4F, Recreation building, Wanda Square, No.53, Jinbin Ave., Hedong District (+86-22-24189008)

Nankai Sanmalu Branch: 6F, Southwest branch of Quan Ye Chang Department Store, No.6, San Ma Lu, Nankai District (+86-22-27359191)

Zhongying International Cinema

Zhongying International Cinema It is a full-digital luxurious, low-carbon and environmentally friendly cinema complex. It has IMAX halls, VIP first-class rooms, digital 3D halls and halls for lovers. The unique IMAX screen is 22 meters wide and 13.5 meters high, or as high as a five-storey building.

Address: 3F, Building 6, Jinwan Square, No.48, North Jiefang Road, Heping District

Tel: +86-22-23219060 23219061

Jinyi International Cinema

Its digital acoustics processing system will provide movie-lovers quality audio-visual entertainment.

Shidai Square Branch: 5F, Shidai Digital Square, No.259, Anshanxi Street, Nankai District (58112952)

Aocheng Branch: 3F, Area B, No.8, Magnetic City Business Plaza, West Binshui Street, Nankai District (23855062)

Xi’an Branch: South of Renmin Park, No.103, Qiongzhou Street, Hexi District (58182222)

CGV Xingxing International Cinema

It has 8 modern film halls with a capacity of nearly 2,000 audience members, covering an area of over 6,000 square meters. Special technology-equipped shaking seats add to the experience. Cushions are available for children to be able to see the movie screen. The electronic temperature control system keeps the temperature in each hall at a comfortable 25 degrees Celsius.

Address: 3F, Aeon Shopping Center, TEDA Fashion Square, No.29, East Shishang Road, TEDA

Tel: (+86-22)5985-7333

Hongtai International Cinema

Hongtai International Cinema is a It is built on the basis of standards for five-star cinema complexs, representing world advanced level. It introduces SRD Dolby Digital Surround System from America, a JBL sound box of JBL from America, a metal wall screen from UK, and projection lenses from Germany to best satisfy people’s enjoymentviewing experience.

Address: 4F, Hongtai Qianbaihui, No.32, Third Ave., TEDA

Tel: +86-22-66295366

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