G•Yuanbao Shopping Center

Updated: 2018-03-07

Brands: Shibajie (18th Street), Guifaxiang, Tongrentang (TRT), Aji Ichiban, Casio, H2O, L'oreal, Rolex, Montagut, M.Tsubomi, Timberland, Elle, Jeep, The North Face, G-star, and more

Profile: A seven-floor building located on the bund of the Haihe River. It is a new type of shopping mall that contains clothing, jewelry, high quality cigars, alcohols, teas, net bars, barbershops, libraries, laundries, and restaurants.

Address: No 668, Jiefang Road, Binhai New Area

Tel: +86-22-25866868

Business Hours: 9:00-21:00

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