Golden Street

Updated: 2018-03-07


Golden Street [Photo/Xinhua]

The longest business pedestrian street in China, with a length of 1.3 kilometers. First built in the bustling zone of the central Heping district in 1902, it witnessed the cradle stage of Tianjin's commerce. After Heping Road was renovated in September 2000, it joined with Binjiang Street, and was then shaped like a "golden cross," hence that's how the street got its name. There are large department stores like Quan Ye Chang, Tianjin Department Store; large shopping malls such as Milenio Department Store, Maigo; stores with time-honored brands like Hengdeli Watch and Clock Store, Guan Sheng Yuan food store, Gui Shun Zhai pastry store, Shengxi Fu Hat Store; a market selling small wares; and local flavor snacks located on the street.

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