Electronic information industry


Updated: 2017-11-27

Tianjin Electronic Information Industrial Base is one of the first bases of its kind in China. Four major industrial parks of mobile communication, chip components, integrated circuit, and industrial power source have been titled national information industrial parks with the Huayuan software exporting base being the national software export base. In addition, communication device manufacture, electronic device manufacture, and computer manufacture will join together and take the lead in the electronic information device manufacturing industry since world renowned enterprises including Motorola, Samsung, and Zhonghuan have settled in Tianjin.

Electronic industry has witnessed the manufacturing and operation of Dawning, a supercomputer capable of 100 trillion calculations per second, which makes China the second country after the United States that is able to produce high performance servers. The area has also achieved a production capacity of 150 million cell phones, and more than 140 billion chip components, the latter of which makes the area the leading chip producer in China. A complete industry chain for integration line has been formed, including software designing, semi-conducting material producing, integrated circuit manufacturing, and packaging.

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